Early Morning Silent Disco Norwich - CHAPELFIELD GARDENS


Early Morning Silent Disco Norwich - CHAPELFIELD GARDENS

4.90 10.00

Ready to start your mornings the right way, join our community of fun-loving heroes that begin the day in style.

With your alarm clock buzzing, the last thing you want to do is get up out of your nice warm bed, even worse a long day at work!

Well, lets change that, imagine leaping out of bed to go and do something amazing, joining like-minded individuals that have built a community that supports each other in a fun way, let's start the day by waking our mind and body up.

We meet nice and early but also have a late session for mums and dads that have kids!

It’s not just a silent disco! We also do deep stretching and some fun meditations exercise for anyone to follow.

We are only limited by a few spaces due to a limited amount of headphones we have available.

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