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What is the School of Money?

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to attract money and some people always seem to lose money? Well here at the money school, we have put together this life-changing program to get your money working for you.

We have put together a daily program that will set you daily and weekly goals to get your money and your mind on track.

It doesn't matter if you have massive debts or nothing in the bank, we will show you how to get a grip with it all and start making money.

My names Jon Holder, investor, business coach and speaker, I own multiple businesses and investments, I've learnt the hard way not to put all my money income on one horse!

Put it this way; if you have a Job and suddenly you lose it, now you have lost everything! Say if you start a business, well now your only exchanging your time for money, by doing this, your now limiting the amount of money you can make.

So, lets spread our money out! Before we make money, I want you to go on a money diet, we are going to look at saving as much as we can each week, but don't panic, we will budget you some fun money!

In five years, if you stick to the program, I will show you how to keep the money flowing covering your cost of living so you can choose to work or not!

We live in magical times, where its never been easier to make money, from buying and selling to investments, it can all happen from the palm of your hand, your mobile phone.

Before you go out and risk losing more money as I did in my early days, I want to hold your hand through the process and as you grow and build on your wealth, im there with you so it's not so scary anymore.

You won't find any get rich quick schemes or pyramid selling, just practical advice, also ways to make money with zero risks and minimal effort.

Ultimately how far you go, depends ultimately on the amount of action you take, if your not willing to put the work in now so you can reap the benefits later, then the school of money is NOT FOR YOU.

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“School of money, is like a cake recipe,

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